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Creative Communication & Writing Services for Canberra - "The most valuable of all talents is that of never using two words when one will do" - Thomas Jefferson

writing tips

Watch this space for regular articles and advice on the fundamentals of good writing.

I aim to include a number of these over time. So far I’ve only written one, below, but other future topics will include:

Active and passive voice
Writing for different audiences
Grammar – FAQs

Plain English - What is it?

In the interests of improving public communication 'plain English' has developed in Australia since the 1970's and highlights a number of methods for achieving clear and accessible communication.

Plain English has been specified in federal legislation since 1983 and, with its use of everyday words instead of lofty vocabulary, is one way to encourage a broad readership no matter what your product or agenda. Following are some plain English guidelines to consider.

Use everyday words that more readers will recognise and

Avoid unnecessary and distracting words. Be precise.

Vary sentence length and keep lengthy documentation to an average of around twenty words per sentence.